Lectures and Courses
A list of all my courses and lectures at the University of Vienna (as of 2012), with English descriptions, can be found here. A comprehensive list including of all other courses can be found here (in German).
Supervision and Review of Theses
Print version (PDF)
Material for Students
Information on supervision (of MA theses and dissertations; in German)
Tipps and Tricks for oral presentations (in German)
Bibliographic style guide for Applied Linguistics (in German)
LaTeX classes for seminar papers, BA, MA and doctoral theses as well as for research proposals (required in the context of the public presentation of a dissertation project at the University of Vienna) particularly for Applied Linguistics (with proper title page, linguistic markup, unified citation style), English and German, are available at CTAN (package univie-ling).
Layout files and templates for LyX.
LaTeX isn't for everyone but it could be for you
Using LyX for Linguistic Papers